4.8/5 Stars from IndieReader!

THE CODE is a well-crafted, intelligent and timely social satire about America’s ability to elevate, transform and digest the celebrity heroes it creates and is well worth a read.

Authors Jacqueline Ruby’s and Marcellus Moses’ storytelling is masterful. Plot, character, settings, extended metaphors and scenes are spun together flawlessly. The plot is unpredictable and well told; unexpected events unfold naturally from the disposition of the social sphere and character inclination. From the upstate prison Dannemora, to fancy offices with their de rigueur black leather couches, the settings are well-drawn. The larger conceits: French surrealist André Breton’s mysterious Nadja, “Canadian” as a meaningful descriptor, and spider mating habits, echo through the chapters. Compelling scenes, at concerts, and at an estate on the Hudson, breathe on their own, forward the plot, and support a theme marked by an incisive vision of how celebrity is shaped and bred into America’s cultural bones.

Male identity, the nature of celebrity, and the cynical manipulation of American groupthink are carefully observed. All the while, the astringent taste of our society seen sharply goes down quick and easy in a story too satisfying to put down.

~Ellen Graham for IndieReader

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