About the Authors

About the Authors

JACQUELINE (JACK) RUBY is the founder and CEO of Jack Ruby and Associates, New York’s premiere talent agency. She is the co-author of The Code, a book based on real life events involving celebrity, greed, adultery, vanity, and violence. From the nation’s mansions and universities to TV shows and Instagram accounts, The Code reveals the inner workings of celebrity culture and moral decay permeating it.

MARCELLUS MOSES is the head of Bad Man Records. Among others, he has built and managed the career of Creep-E and Fat Marcus.

Jacqueline and Marcellus tell their insider accounts to the award winning novelist, Susan Brown, who weaves it altogether in the thunderous adventure of The Code.

Author Q&A with Jack Ruby

What inspired you to write The Code?

The events that Marcellus and I engineered and lived through had extraordinary public consequences. There was a great deal of speculation about what had happened and why, most of it wrong. We felt obliged to set down an accurate account of the whole strange and remarkable story.

Why should readers care about the book?

We live now in a culture based on celebrity and social media that develops and evolves at warp speed. The events we describe exemplify both the possibilities and the dangers of this new world. The book is both a celebration and a warning.

What do you hope readers will get from the book?

The book is written as a novel. We chose this form because it seemed more appropriate to the bizarre story that we lived. It was also intended to make it more fun for the readers.

How is the book relevant to modern day events?

It is a catalogue of everything that can go well or badly in our deeply interconnected fame drunk world.   

How have your personal experiences influenced your writing?

Marcellus and I have spent our entire lives working with and building the careers of extremely well known people. We are fascinated by the machinery of fame. What  we saw, however, was something we had never seen before. Our professional lives have informed every part of the book, which is essentially a primer on how to create celebrities.